Wilder shares the unbelievable story of her family's journey out from under the priesthood authority of the Mormon Church and into the grace-filled arms of the biblical Jesus. Not only does her book expose secret details about the inner workings of the Mormon Church and how its influence can permeate every area of a members' lives, but she explains what enticed her family, and many others, into the fellowship of the Mormons.

Her (Dr. Wilder's) narrative offers deep psychological insights into Mormon culture on virtually every page. Behind the veneer of niceness can lie many profound heartaches...


Most shocked with “Unveiling Grace”, perhaps, will be those Christians oblivious enough to assume Mormons are simply “another denomination”. 

"Unveiling Grace", by Lynn Wilder, is a powerful testament to the beautiful love of God working in the midst of everyday life. From page one Lynn wraps and weaves a story that is easy to read while not being to simplistic. She tells the gripping story of how her family, which had been deeply involved in Mormonism (for 30 years), found their way out of the Mormon church and as she states, "to Jesus Christ alone". Sharing a powerful tale of the Lord's amazing work in her and her families lives I was brought to tears at the power and love of my precious Savior who works so lovingly to bring people to Him. 

Wilder shares their story more like a narrative, and, within their story, she weaves in teachings from the Latter Day Saints (LDS).  The story has almost the feel of a clandestine spy novel.  Her storytelling style pulls the reader along, much like a well-written dramatic tale.  From a pure storytelling standpoint, I enjoyed it.


From the content, however, I was very disturbed.  It was not her story that disturbed me, however, but rather the content of her story.  To get a first-hand story of the LDS church, I was very much shocked and saddened at what she reveals.  


Unveiling Grace is not a story written by an embittered ex-member of the LDS.  Rather, this is the story of a couple steeped in the faith (he was very active in Temple activities, teaching, leading; she was a full professor at Brigham Young University) and their journey to the biblical Jesus.

Many Christians—especially those of us who live in Utah—have heard of the Adam’s Road band and seen them perform. Using the powerful words of scripture, the members of the band have shared the gospel of grace and truth at concerts throughout the nation.


Now comes a book by Lynn Wilder—the mother of band founder Micah—that explains how the Wilder family found Jesus not very long ago. The only word that could describe the Wilders’ transformation is miraculous. After all, many individuals regularly leave Mormonism and embrace Christianity; however, for an entire family to leave the religion for the grace of Christ is truly a rare event. For believers who think that their Mormon friends and family members will never be able to see the truth, Unveiling Grace is for you. It is a compelling account filled with hope and power.

Unveiling Grace is not just about Mormon and Christian Doctrine.  It is the story of a BYU professor and her LDS high priest husband and family leaving the LDS church because God revealed the Biblical Christ to them through his Word and saved them.  This book is personal and shows the battle, the carnage, and the joys of coming out of a cult and finding real truth.  I was deeply moved by Lynn’s work to renew my commitment to pray for and engage my Mormon friends and neighbors with the Gospel.  This book will become the first book I encourage people to read if they want to learn about Mormonism because of the way it presents doctrine in the context of life and experience.  I highly encourage Mormons, Christians, and pagans alike to read this book and hear about just how great the God of the Bible is.

The narrative in Unveiling Grace is compelling, convicting, and true. The differences between Mormonism and biblical Christianity are many and stark. Written from an author who spent thirty years in various callings in the Mormon Church and even as a tenured Professor at Brigham Young University, Unveiling Grace will be a book that will rip to shreds your preconceptions about Mormonism and open your eyes to what Mormons believe and how that belief informs their lives. Whether you are just mildly curious about Mormonism or you are regularly ministering to Mormons, I encourage every Christian to read this book as it will open your eyes to the mission field that is Mormonism and drive you to study it further. Unveiling Grace will be eye-opening for those who know nothing about Mormonism. This very well-written and engaging book will leave you at the edge of your seat wanting to know about what is going to happen next and more importantly, it will leave you wanting to read and study the Bible all the more.

This book will clearly anger many individuals of the Mormon faith. However, the author does not come across as angry or in any way retaliatory with regards to the Mormon community. In fact, she repeatedly commends the hard work, kindness, and dedication of the Mormon people. However, she makes a simple request of those in the Mormon community….read the New Testament. My impression is that the author felt that she had no choice but to write this book. Her testimony rings true.

Ms Wilder writes not with condemnation for those still in the trenches of Mormonism, but with the sensitivity of one who has fallen in love with "The Dancer" (how she refers to God in the book).  She simply tells how God (The Dancer) wooed her and her family with His providential and sovereign care and seeks to pull back the veil so that others can come one step closer to understanding the One True God and His offer of salvation.

This story is so good.  I have stayed up very late reading this book.  I just could not put it down.  This is an amazing book for Christians who want to learn more about the Mormon faith and how it differs from Christianity.    

I have to mention how thankful I am to Lynn Wilder for being brave enough to even write this book.  Some would like to portray Mormons as being the same as anyone else in mainstream Christianity, but after reading this book, there is absolutely no way you can maintain that view.  She very clearly outlined the differences both in theology and practice so that the reader is left to consider a lot of things.  I was encouraged to read my Bible more to truly know what I believe and not just rest on what others have told me.  Everyone could use that reminder.

Wilder's text is a must read for anyone with friends or relatives who are Mormon.  It is eye opening.  It is sad.  It is real.

The writing of her story is vivid.  I grew to know and understand the writer and her family, and empathized as she relates her struggles.  The way in which God reveals the truth to her and her family is amazing, and makes reading this book worthwhile.  This book has the potential to change the life of any Mormon who has the strength to read it.  For Christians, this book provides a practical guide to understanding what the Mormon religion teaches, and the methods it uses to convert and retain members. Additionally, the book provides a guide showing what Mormonism teaches and what the Bible teaches.  Even after years living in Idaho surrounded by the Mormon church and working and going to school with many church members I had no idea of the degree and the power the church plays in the life of its followers. 


I was captivated by this book. As I do not have the best self-discipline, I usually try to avoid books (aka fiction) that will cause me to neglect my motherly duties, and I didn't figure this would be one of them- but it was. I ended up using a precious nap time and a couple late nights to read through this book. Wilder writes with raw honesty and descriptive passion, as she retells a brief summary of her childhood and how she became thoroughly enmeshed in the LDS church with her husband before the Holy Spirit called them to a true relationship with Jesus Christ. She wrote that their conversion to Christianity came through truly reading the New Testament and seeking truth from the words of Jesus, not what we are told by mere men and human authorities; I believe that not only Mormons, but all Christians, should take this to heart! 

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